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Leap 2024

RETAL Participation in Cityscape 2023



We were honored to manage and execute Retal's booth at the largest real estate exhibition hosted in Riyadh for the first time, Cityscape. The booth was an architectural marvel, successfully creating a luxurious experience that mirrors the high-end villas and real estate offered by the company. Spanning 624 sqm, the booth featured marble, steel lamps, wood, and glass decorations, presenting Retal's core projects in Saudi Arabia in an aesthetically pleasing way. Additionally, the booth included multiple large LED screens showcasing the projects and an immersive room with interactive installations. This room featured a 3D mockup of a new Ritz-Carlton hotel, offering a sensory-rich, technologically advanced experience that transported visitors into the heart of the project details. ImpressIV team is proud to have implemented and executed this design and its special features.